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Riding with Motorcycle Helmets

Summer makes wearing motorcycle gear unbearable, but it saved my life.  There are motorcycle helmets for women, outlaw motorcycle helmets, German helmets, motorcycle helmets for men, cheap motorcycle helmets, Shoei motorcycle helmets, Icon motorcycle helmets, carbon fiber motorcycle helmets, and that only names a few types…..the list could go on and on.

There are so many options out there.  Even with so many life changing options, feeling the wind on my face when riding your bike is like no other feeling.  I think we may have all tried it. Stupidly, yes….loving it, you better believe it.

Riding in the City

Living in the city we share the roads with so many other drivers that don’t care to look or just see right through us.  Even at times, blatantly try to hit us, police included.  So motorcycle helmets are a necessary evil that are life saving devices, one I can attest to.

There are so many on the market to choose from. A full front face lid, a half lid, or novelty lids. It’s a matter of preference and chosen style. As woman motorcycle rider on a crotch rocket and full face helmet is necessary.

On a cruiser I may opt for a half lid, and I caution its safety because I value my pretty face and skin very much so.  The day of my motorcycle wreck I thank my god that I was wearing full gear.  It did not save me from the broken bones, but it saved my skull and my skin.

Bottom Line Motorcycle Gear

Motorcycle helmets saved my life.  We share the road with so many other types of drivers…..distracted, angry, scared, lost, vengeful type of drivers and we may even know some of these types.

Do you yourself a favor watch out for you.  Take care of yourself and get the protection you need.  You never know you might be in my place and be able to tell your motorcycle tale like me, I wouldn’t wish that for anyone.

But I am here so I am passing the word along!

Protect yourself…..Wear Motorcycle Gear!

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